Outfitting a children's bedroom

Outfitting a children’s bedroom

It’s not as easy as you think. Outfitting a children’s bedroom can be challenging.  There are three things that you better to keep in mind when you design children room :

  1. Durability
  2. Have a right mood or feel
  3. It needs to be adaptable to change. Because after all, they’re gonna be growing up.


One of the first things to do is make sure that the beds are well, solid, and that they were covered in something really durable. So you know what? It’s better if you have a headboard made with an indoor/outdoor fabric. Outfitting a children's bedroomThe Sunbrella fabric. Not only are the headboards and footboards done that way, but also the coverlets or bedspreads.  This stuff is really easy to clean. It’s ironclad and indestructible. For the other pieces of furniture, go with something equally durable: Metal nested tables that are painted a bright color.

Have a right mood or feel

And if you take a look at the floor, paint the floors with a bright color with a very durable floor paint, and cover with the cotton rug over it — easy to wash, easy to care for. Now let’s talk about the mood of the room. Who wants a dull, somber room? Used in bright colors. You can paint the walls with a pale blue.

Outfitting a children's bedroom

For instance, you can paint the floor with green color. All the trim is white. If you want a perky fabric, use pink on the beds — and the other beds, if exist, use the blue one. Girls, boys. And to make it simple, all the colors that you chose for the room really sprang from this one piece of fabric as a dust ruffle — it’s whimsical and fun.

Adaptable to change

And if you just use this as a guide, you can’t go wrong in terms of creating a sense of harmony in this space. Also, the other things you can add to make this room fun: you can use some of their own artwork and framed it.

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