Ten Things You Need to Consider in the Bedroom

Ten Things You Need to Consider in the Bedroom

Some think, that the bedroom is the most personal room in the house. Of course, the bedroom is the place where you can have privacy, quiet, rest, and save a lot of things.

Moreover, in general, a person spent 8-10 hours in the bedroom. With this much time, do not be surprised bedroom is also referred to as the room in the house.

For that, you should also be willing to spend a lot of time to give more attention to your bedroom. Consider the following:

Choose the right color

Make sure you use neutral colors and warm earth colors, or you can also choose pastel colors. These colors can you apply to walls, ceilings, and furniture in the room. Avoid using striking colors that can disrupt your sleep. 


Choose the right bed

The bed is the focal point in your bedroom. In addition to choosing the right size, also make sure your bed and mattress is right for your body needs.


Choose wall decor well

There are many décor options that you can choose, from wallpaper, unique paint textures, to display photos, paintings, or other artwork.  Choose the right wall hangings according to your personal preferences, and especially to make you more comfortable in the room.

Choose a flooring material consideration

For those of you who are in the area with enough cold climates, avoid the use of ceramic, marble, and granite because you will wake up and immediately stepped on the cold floor. ten-things-you-need-to-consider-in-the-bedroom There is nothing wrong with you using floor coatings, wood or carpet to make your room warmer. If you already have a floor with cold ingredients make sure you provide the rug or mat under your bed.

Consider the “traffic” room

Do not decorate the items in your room without consideration. Make sure you will easily walk from one end to room with ease. Do not be, you often stumble own belongings.

Color and design related materials

You need to always remember that the materials you choose can also show your personality. In addition, when you choose the material and bed coverings, curtains, make sure you think about the harmony of materials and color bed covers and curtains with the state of your bedroom.

Use a darker color curtains for a bright room. Instead, use a light-colored material for a dark room.

Curtains can affect your sleep

If at this time you can still choose the paint color of your room, of course, you can still choose freely. ten-things-you-need-to-consider-in-the-bedroom  Choose paint a lighter color like gray, white, or pastel colors so you can use dark curtains are convenient to use when you sleep, even in the daytime.

Use proper lighting

Avoid the use of lights in the ceiling with bright lights. Better to use lampshades and other lights that can build up the mood in your room.

Think of the storage

Although the bedroom you can use it as a place to store personal items, but you also have to think her neatness. Do not let your room contains a pile of goods and messy.

Do not forget ventilation

Ventilation may not really part of your room decor. However, consider thoroughly the ventilation in your room.

Use an exhaust fan to make the air in your room on “new” and fresh. Also, make sure too warm sunshine and fresh can get into your room.