Tips for garden design and garden layout ideas

Tips for garden design and garden layout ideas

Tips for garden design and garden layout ideas

If your garden is larger than a courtyard but smaller than an acre, narrow or thin rectangular gardens, this is a Tips for garden design and garden layout ideas to make your garden seem bigger and more beautiful.

Choose theme

You could choose rustic, country, seaside, exotic, vintage, upcycled, or perhaps contemporary. Tips for garden design and garden layout ideas

Or try theming by color – yellow and grey, for example. chose a yellow and grey theme based on the yellow bricks and gray slates of the house.
Nordic whites is another possibility – or pink, or turquoise blue. You can even base it on the architecture of your house – a Victorian garden, a modern garden, a cottage garden.

Blur the boundaries.

The most common mistake people make in designing a narrow garden is that they try to make the garden look bigger by pushing everything round to the edges to make as much lawn as possible in the middle. This really emphasizes the size and shape. You want to disguise the narrowness by blurring the boundaries – for example, you could use an offset or curving path. This path goes to one side of the garden and you could have a big planting bed or lawn on the other side. Or you might offset the lawn with a full bed of planting in one area and a bigger lawn on the other You could try no lawn at all – just lavish planting.

Tips for garden design and garden layout ideas
Turn a small garden into a jungle adventure by winding paths through the greenery. No one will know exactly where it stops starts.

Divide the garden into some areas

But make sure that the eye can see through to what lies beyond – don’t cut the view off with high hedges, trellises or fencing, because that will make the garden seem even smaller.

You can make a garden which has vegetables closer to the house. With a path through the lead to an open lawn area. To one side is a pergola with a seat, and then beyond that is lawn with lavish planting around it. Put a table behind that. It will be seen is the shed and the practice area. The areas may are seating areas, planting area, a place for the children to play and so on. Just think about what you want to do in your garden.

Be generous with terraces or seating areas.

You’ll get much more use out of a big terrace in a small garden, and it means you can use pots to ring the changes. Also, use some big plants or trees. Tips for garden design and garden layout ideas

Mature trees are irreplaceable, so never cut down a tree until you’ve really thought about what you need in your garden. You can probably achieve everything by keeping the tree. But pruning it well, then incorporate as much storage as possible into the design because you’ll be short of space.

Paint sheds, log stores, etc in your garden’s theme color. And always think about how the house looks when you look at it from the garden. Even more important, how does the garden look when you look out at it from the windows of the house? What are you going to see twelve months of the year when you look at your garden? Always design the garden ‘off’ the house.

Hope this Tips for garden design and garden layout ideas are useful for you.