Water pond idea for the small garden

Water pond idea for the small garden

Water pond idea for the small garden

DIY water pond idea for the small garden feature using pond membrane, concrete blocks and the limestone look capstones. Have a read how it’s done.

Measure and mark the position of the pond

The first thing to do is measure and mark the position of the pond, so it’s centered on the rear of the courtyard. Then dig out the hole, for ready to place the blocks.

Now even though it’s a fairly small pond, it’s going to make a reasonably big hole in the ground, we’re going to backfill with some of the dirt but the rest we have to barrow away.

After the hole is ready, we have got to check the size, it’s got to be slightly oversize because we are going to put the plastic membrane behind the blocks. Make a final check for size before you place the blocks. Water pond idea for the small garden.

Level it

And of course, they need to be level. We leave a gap at the sides and back because the membrane is going to fold down into that hole. Then we’ll backfill over it to keep it in place. Right more blocks. The good thing about this style of pond construction is that you don’t need any mortar so it’s fairly quick and luckily for you. It’s the kind of job you can do on your own.

If there are all the blocks placed roughly, go to level them up and backfill a bit to make sure they’re firm. Next, dig more out of the center of the pond so that the plants are deep enough and then we’ll trim the membrane then put it in place. Water pond idea for the small garden

With a dry lay system like this, it’s very important to backfill into the cavities. It helps to stabilize the blocks and makes them sit more firmly underneath the capstone.

Place the membrane carefully

We are now ready for the membrane. Be careful, pick up any sharp pieces because that could pierce the membrane and all the water leaks out, you have to keep filling it up. That’s bad. Care needs to be taken when you positioning the membrane. It’s a heavy-duty pond grade vinyl but sharp edges can still pierce it. Firmly place it in, it’s got plenty of room to move, so when the water goes in it won’t stretch and tear it.

Water pond idea for the small garden

Now we just backfill around the edges to hold it in place. The soil will hold the membrane in position until you place the bull nose style stone capping. You can allow an overhang of about 75mm to mask the edge of the membrane. The capstones, they look great, the bullnose, beautiful.

Fill the water

Now it’s time for the water. That’ll take a while to fill, then we’ll come back and do some more. While you are waiting for the pond to fill, you can position and dig in the plant. Add the style stone path and backfill with a crushed brick. The crushed brick is great, it helps to keep the plants nice and moist and the red clay color looks great as a contrast to the pond surround. Well, that’s the garden plant out, it’s really beginning to take shape.
We’ve got the stepping stones in place and the crushed brick, it not only looks good it really works well as a much for the plants.

Put the water plants in

Now, all we have to do is put the water plants in and something to circulate the water. Water lilies are great.Water pond idea for the small garden

But while you’re making your pond make sure that they stay completely immersed in water. If they come out they dry out really quickly and they are very fragile.

The plants are all in, they will be looking great, next, we need something to make the water oxygenate it and keep it fresh. So, we have found this clever little solar fountain which is brilliant. It’s got 10 meters of lead so we can actually run that to somewhere where the sun shines.
We can even take it up on the roof, get enough sun and get the fountain working. That’s water pond idea for the small garden, really that simple you can do it yourself.