Advice to Plan a Contemporary Home Design

Advice to Plan a Contemporary Home Design

Contemporary Home Design

Sleek, minimal and basic


How can we best describe a contemporary styled home? Three words, that is – sleek, minimal and basic. If we were to add a more forthright description, we can say – a straightforward, no-nonsense design with no frills and redundant accessories. The contemporary home design is not exactly plain. Far from it, actually. But it is a design that reverberates the chic, fast-paced and trendy lifestyle that so reflects our modern times.

Decorating your home with a contemporary home design is keeping up with the pace at its best. True, it can make a house far from the idea of a homely abode to unwind after a long day at work. But, it’s not a hopeless case for achieving a cozy and warm home albeit the modern furniture and basic colors.


Accessories for the contemporary room

Accessories made of different metals are another important design element. Materials like stainless steel and nickel yield design items with the signature sleekness of the contemporary look, yet still stand out on their own. Combined with glass or used as lighting fixtures, metal accessories can make a truly bold statement.

Advice to Plan a Contemporary Home Design

You don’t have to go all futuristic with metals, though. Wood is still a good option for decorating a contemporary room, as long as you pick the right kinds. Instead of going with the old-style oak, go for very light woods like cherry or dark ones like mahogany so that they’ll stand out in their own respect. Aside from the flooring, you could infuse wood materials through your accessories (such as with frames) and furniture (such as a desk). Even if the piece is unusually shaped, it’ll fit in as long as it’s consistent with all the clean lines in the room. For the door trought to the garden or patio, there’s available many bifolding door.


Minimal decors

Minimal decors are what make a contemporary home design chic and unique. The blessing can also be a curse as this element is also what makes a modern home quite impersonal. To add a homely feel, use textures to break the sleekness of the design. The choice of fabrics in throw pillows, drapes, rugs, cushions and the like can make space feel and look cozier.

Advice to Plan a Contemporary Home Design



Of course, lighting can make a difference. Harsh lighting doesn’t help. Admittedly though, a modern theme is about ceiling lights that are almost blinding in their brightness. To remedy the situation, make use of floor lamps, desk/table lamps, chandeliers and even recessed lights to give a glow to your home. Each room will look more intimate once you switch off the overhead light and flick on the lamps.


A good piece of area rug

Finally, area rugs can seal the deal of a contemporary yet invite abode. A good piece of area rug can bring all the decorative elements in the room together creating a space that looks well balanced and impressively decorated. The color and texture of the rug will make the room livelier from an otherwise neutral motif and the sleek look from the modern furnishings. Advice to Plan a Contemporary Home Design  The soft and lush textures of the rug will also give a comfortable and snug factor to the space making it more homely. Lastly, the addition of area rugs will make the place a real knockout, especially if you make use of pieces that have attractive designs or patterns.


Home sweet home

Contemporary design doesn’t have to be a straightforward style reminiscent of a busy executive living in an overcrowded city, with sleek gadgets and technology as companions. Contemporary design can also be as homely and comfortable as a country home. With the right colors, texture, and decors, you can easily transform your modern home into a modern “home sweet home“.