5 tips to organize your cabinets and shelves

5 tips to organize your cabinets and shelves

5 tips to organize your cabinets and shelves

If you like cooking, eating, and or having a family, you certainly spend plenty of time in the kitchen. Whether your cabinets are overstuffed, your things are inconveniently located or just a plain stressful place in there. Here are top 5 tips to organize your cabinets and shelves.

Clean Out

Kitchen cabinets and shelving can be tricky because once you get everything in there, it’s hard to imagine taking it all out and re-strategizing, but that’s often a solution. kitchen cabinets photo There’s a strategy behind where every single thing needs to go, but to back up, the first step is: Clean Out. You did it before, get rid of the things that you are honestly not ever using, and don’t forget to get rid of things that are broken or chips or that you simply don’t like.

Categorize the items

Sort and categorize your same items and gather together; get all your mugs together, your glasses, your bowls, and plates.

Store items in the most convenient place

Store items where it’s most convenient to where you’re using them. I’ll show you an example.   For years I have all my glasses and mugs over here but our coffee pot and the teapot are over here. It took me a while to figure out that maybe I should switch them. And now, we have all our glasses and mugs over here right by where our drinking things are.

Put the most often use an item on easily-to-reach place

If you use some items that you use all the time, keep the items in the place that easily to reach. Even if that means breaking up or split up the item from your same items. So, keep the one that used all the time accessible even though that splitting them up.

Clear up the stack

5 tips to organize your cabinets and shelvesRemove your lids and stack items; your pans, your pots, your colander, your bowls so you’ll get the greatest amount of storage space.

That was just the basics but if you just step back and think about how to strategize what goes on your cabinets and shelves, you can really make this workspace a lot more efficient for you. And, get a lot more time to be doing the things you’d rather be doing.