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5 Best Tips to Start Organizing Your Home

    5 Best Tips to Start Organizing Your Home

Nothing is more relaxing than a clean, organized home. Even if your home is completely clean, clutter and disorganization can make it feel small and cramped. Use these tips to organize each room of your home and make the most of your space. Here are the best 5 tips to start organizing your home.

I listed these in the order that I would do the rooms; when I start with the living room, it’s REALLY easy to stop organizing after that! It’s easy to do the rooms that visitors see and then stop; if you start with the rooms visitors don’t see, you have to keep going until it’s all done !



Start Organizing Your Home, with your bedroom. To start organizing your bedroom, start with an empty laundry basket. Pick up all the clothes laying on

Start Organizing Your Homethe ground and put them in the empty basket. Fill up as many baskets as you can until all of the clothes are off the ground. To really feel like you’re about to organize your home, make the bed and immediately make the room look better. Next, look at your bedside tables. Is there extra clutter on there you don’t need? If possible, put things away in your drawers, in the garbage, or in storage. Most importantly keep “personal items” in a drawer–you never know when someone will accidentally walk into your room while looking for the bathroom.

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